All-Natural Dog Shampoo: Bathing Beyond Cleanliness

We did a little research for you and we can’t wait to share what we found about why all-natural dog shampoo can be an absolute game-changer to their health!

Everyone wants their furry friend to have the best care possible, in all aspects of their life. One important factor that tends to be overlooked is grooming, more specifically, bathing. You may be regularly washing your pup, but have you wondered what is in that bottle of shampoo you use?


Bath Time for Your Dog’s Health

While bathing leaves your dog fresh & clean; it serves several important functions:

  1. Bye-Bye Allergens: Dogs love to play outside, but with this comes exposure to dust, pollen, and other environmental allergens. Wash these away with regular baths can provide relief to sensitive pups.
  2. Prevents Infections: Lathering a good shampoo into your pup’s fur and rinsing them clear helps remove dirt and debris. This can aid in the prevention of bacterial and fungal infections.
  3. Healthy Skin & Coat: When you choose a no-nonsense shampoo for your pup, it will moisturize, soothe, and nourish your dog’s skin. This ensures their coat remains lustrous and their skin healthy.


Why Should You Prioritize All-Natural Grooming?

Most of the dog shampoos on the market are filled with chemicals, artificial fragrances, and colorants that are irritants to your dog’s skin and can cause allergic reactions. All-natural grooming products are free from these harmful ingredients, providing a gentle yet effective cleanse.


Our Favorite Shampoo Brands:

  • Project Sudz: All formulas are made with organic apple cider vinegar, which contains natural anti-fungal & anti-microbial properties to keep your pup healthy. With added organic ingredients like soothing chamomile or hydrating aloe vera, Project Sudz brings a spa-like experience to your dog’s bath time.
  • Kin + Kind: Their ingredient list makes it clear that they are committed to nature and natural sourcing. Essential oils, olive-based saponified organic oils, and no trace of harmful chemicals make Kin + Kind a standout choice.
  • WashBar: These shampoo bars bring purity to your dog’s grooming routine while being convenient & long-lasting. Their range of bars contain native plants that offer unique therapeutic benefits.
  • Wondercide: Their shampoo bars aim to offer holistic care for pets. Doubling as skin treatments, the blend of natural essential oils will repel pests and promote skin health.


Pamper with Purpose

We choose what goes in our dogs food so carefully, so why don’t we do the same for what goes on them? The brands we’ve highlighted prove that nature offers everything our dogs need to stay clean, fresh, and healthy. While the market is flooded with options, these all-natural champions make the choice clear.

For the love of your four-legged friend, prioritize their health and well-being by choosing all-natural grooming products.

Every pup deserves the best, and that starts with a gentle, natural lather.

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