Dog Food

Frozen Raw Food


Primal Pronto

Primal Pronto

Flavors: Chicken, Beef, Turkey/Sardine

Sizes: .75 lb, 4 lb


Thaws in minutes and comes in a convenient, bite-sized, easy-to-portion format—just scoop and serve. Made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce, crafted especially for your canine.

Primal Nuggets

Primal Nuggets

Chicken, Beef, Rabbit, Duck, Lamb, Turkey/Sardine

Sizes: 3 lb


A complete & balanced raw food diet—without having to grind, chop, measure, or mix the ingredients yourself. Made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce, crafted especially for your canine.

Primal Patties

Primal Patties

Chicken, Beef, Duck, Lamb

Sizes: 6 lb


Our complete & balanced Raw Frozen Formula – in a larger portion that’s ideal for larger dogs or multi-dog families. Made with high-quality protein and Certified Organic produce, crafted especially for your canine.

Primal Raw Bones

Primal Raw Bones

Beef Marrow

Sizes: Individual (small, medium, large) or 6 pack


A long lasting and entertaining raw treat! Beef Marrow Raw Recreational Bones are available in single packs (Small, Medium, or Large) and in a 6 pack. Small Beef Marrow Bones are suitable for cats and small dogs, while larger bones can be served to dogs based on their size.

Primal Omega Mussel Fresh Topper

Primal Omega Mussel Fresh Topper


Sizes: 16 oz


Aromatic whole-food toppers with specialized, functional ingredients—targeted towards digestion, immunity, or joint health! Our Omega Mussels Fresh Topper supports joint health with mussel meat, turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and Pork Bone Broth. Suitable for dogs or cats

Primal Goats Milk

Primal Goats Milk

Blueberry Pom Burst, Cranberry Blast

Sizes: 32 oz

Blueberry Pom

A nutrient-rich hydration option plus organic pomegranate and blueberries—ingredients that are known to provide antioxidants for immunity support.

Cranberry Blast

A nutrient-rich hydration option plus organic cranberries and apple cider vinegar—ingredients that are known to provide urinary tract support.
Suitable for dogs or cats.

K-9 Kravings Rolls

K-9 Kravings Rolls

Chicken & Vegetable, Beef & Vegetable, Chicken/Beef & Vegetable, Turkey & Vegetable, Duck & Vegetable

Sizes: 1 lb & 5 lb
Developed in conjunction with a world-renowned Ph.D. in animal nutrition, this frozen raw dog food is designed to enhance your dog’s health, stamina and longevity. Uncooked and unheated, our recipes retain 100% of the natural nutrients.
Available in the flavors your dog KRAVES with human-grade meat as the primary ingredient in each recipe. Giving your dog a healthy, nutritious diet is easy – just thaw & serve.
K-9 Kravings Patties

K-9 Kravings Patties

Mackerel, Tripe, Salmon

Sizes: 8 ¼ lb patties (2 lb)
Mackerel: Our Fresh-Whole mackerel are wild-caught, imported from Canada, and are ethoxyquin-free. Whole ground Mackerel & Vegetable blend is a dietary supplement. An affordable option to salmon, mackerel offers low-fat Omega 3’s, nurtures cognitive challenges as well as increased nurturing of a canine’s skin and coat. To use as a meal, supplement in additional calcium.

Tripe: Green (Beef) Tripe offers added fat/calories for active canines, excellent source of omegas, as well as, increased palatability for picky eaters. First time feeders are recommended to check with their veterinarian or breeder prior to adding Green Tripe to a canine’s diet.

Salmon: 100% wild caught Salmon from Canada (If shortage, it may be sourced from Scotland, Ireland and Norway). Excellent source of essential fatty acids (DHA & EPA).

Simply thaw & serve.

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