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Welcome to Barkfield Road: East Northport’s #1 Dog Store

Calling all Long Island dogs – paradise awaits! At Barkfield, you are treated like family. Our team has been helping hundreds, if not thousands, of pet parents improve the life & vitality of their pets. From allergies to chronic conditions, and simply educating customers on quality food brands – we are here to help your dog remain healthy & vibrant for life.

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Tail-Wagging Local Perks

Shop Local - Save Big!

Located in East Northport, we’re more than just a pet store; we’re a community. Our local deals are crafted to support and uplift pet owners right here on Long Island. By choosing Barkfield Road, you can be confident your pet – and your wallet – is in good hands.


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Food & Treat Options for Breeds & Budgets

Finding the right food for your pet’s breed, life-stage, and lifestyle can be challenging. We are here to walk you through, step-by-step, the best plan for YOU – ranging from Raw Feeding to Boosting your Kibble bowls. Check out some of our food options below – featuring brands from Long Island, too! With flexible shopping options, you can even get your favorites delivered right to your door.

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Raw Food; A Wide Selection of Protein & Pricing Options to Make Raw Feeding Accessible!

Starting at $3.79/lb

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Gently Cooked; Perfect for Sensitive Tummies, Allergy-Prone Pets, & Aging Furry Friends!

Starting at $11.99/lb

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Kibble; Many Variations to Fit Any Budget while Giving Your Pet the Best Nutrition!

Starting at $15.99/bag

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Discover Your Pets Personal Plan

Barkfield Road specializes in one-on-one support, rather than cookie-cutter selections. We know your pet is special and their needs are specific, so our team will gather the information we need to lead you towards to best products for them. Whether you’re facing a health condition, need enrichment options or simply want to boost nutrition, let us do the research for you. Schedule a time to speak with us at Barkfield to get started!


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