Nordic Naturals: The Best Pet Health Hack

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Pet Health : Nordic Naturals on Long Island

  Introducing: Nordic Naturals

The Best Pet Health Hack

If you’re looking to boost your pet’s health, fish oil is your friend. With countless health benefits, there is no question that adding this to your dog or cat’s diet is a great idea. However, quality matters when choosing products. Fish oils can be full of heavy metals and other environmental toxins if they aren’t properly regulated.


Enter: Nordic Naturals Pet.

This brand exceeds quality assurance in a way that makes us confident it is the best choice in fish oil to give your furry friend.

All products are third-party tested for purity from heavy metals and environmental toxins – with the highest purity standards. These pure oils are derived from wild-caught fish, meaning they are sustainably sourced while ensuring the highest content of naturally occurring Omega-3 oils. Lastly, all oil products are packaged in glass bottles for no micro-plastic contaminants.


Pet Health : Why Nordic Naturals Fish Oil is the Best


The Super-Supplement

Fish oil is a perfect way to start boosting your pet’s bowl, as it has a wide range of benefits to health & wellness. Whether you are looking to target a specific concern, or just improve overall quality of life, Omega-3s are the best choice.


Health benefits include:

– Mobility & Joint Health

– Eye Health

– Skin & Coat

– Allergy Support

– Immune Support

– Cellular Health

– Brain Health

– Healthy Aging

– Heart Health

– Kidney Health


Two Choices: Cod Liver Oil or Omega-3

While both products offer the above benefits, there are slight differences. When choosing which would work the best for your pet, look first at the goals you have for theie health. If you’re more focused on joint & bone health for greater mobility or arthritic pain support, we suggest the Cod Liver Oil. If your goal is more centered around organ function, we suggest Omega-3.


Pet Health : Cod Liver Oil or Omega-3 Oil

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