Meet our NEW Partner; Singing Tree Farms! Bringing Fresh Quail Eggs to Barkfield Road.

Picture with our new partners!

Picture with our new partners!

Quail Eggs for Dogs – An incredible multivitamin in shell-form!

Meet the Farmers.

Today we wanted to highlight a brand new, hyper-local, top-tier quality product that we have NEVER been able to carry in store! Produced locally in Smithtown by our new partner, Singing Tree Farms; this product has tons of benefits to boost your bowl. And the product is…DRUM-ROLL…

Organic Quail Eggs! *Crowd goes wild*

Local Quail Eggs

We’ve been using Quail Eggs regularly in our dogs bowls; and they can’t wait to dive in to eat the yolk & even the egg-shell! Now we know they are delicious and dog approved, but now let’s talk benefits.

Raised & Laid in Smithtown!

First, Quail eggs are hypoallergenic.

Quail Eggs have a different protein structure than chicken eggs; and are generally more tolerable for dogs who have allergy sensitivities.

PLUS – packing a punch of Vitamins A, multiple forms of B, and D; these small eggs will bring big benefits such as…

  • Healthy Skin & Coat
  • Improved Vision & Brain Function
  • Easy-to-Digest

We were so excited to finally find a good source for these eggs; but we had to be sure our customers were going to get the best quality available. We visited Singing Tree in Smithtown, NY, and were so happy to find a beautiful set-up for the quail, clean coops and surrounding area, and ORGANIC feed!

Local Quail Eggs (1)

How do we incorporate Quail Eggs?

There are a few basics you should know about freshly laid quail eggs…

First of all, because the cuticle is not scraped off of the exterior of the egg, we do not need to refrigerate them. They will have a great shelf life on the counter, and to further extend it you can absolutely refrigerate them anyway.

Second, our dogs eat the entire egg. Yup! You read that right. We crack the egg, crush the shell, and throw the entire egg into the bowl! The egg-shell is loaded with zinc, amino acids, and more protein to help our pups develop stronger bones.

Third – we also sometimes cook them! They are so tiny – it’s actually adorable, but cooking up a few quail eggs perks up our 4-legged friends noses and intrigues their senses. When we have our eggs for breakfast, they get theirs too, and they don’t leave any scraps.

Farm to Bowl in less than 10 miles.

Since Barkfield’s inception – the goal has been to be your one-stop for quality products that contribute to the wellness of your pet.

But we don’t want to stop there.

We’ve been the beneficiary of your local support – and that is why we are making an effort to bring you MORE hyperlocal products & services!

Let’s show Singing Tree Farms, a fellow Long Island Small Business some love & support – try out their amazing new eggs. Your pup will LOVE them!

How to get your (paws) on them.

We knew these tiny treats would be a hit, but we completely sold out in the first 24 hours! So, we’ve set up a pre-order link OR you could always reach out to us directly to set up your subscription/recurring box.

Quail Eggs from Singing Tree come in 15 pack cartons with the “laid on date” printed on the front. You are quite literally getting them “hot off the press.”

Don’t miss out on our next delivery, coming this Friday. Click the link HERE to check out our online store and find them!

In the meantime, say hi to your furever friend for us!

P.S. – What are you doing to build your dog or cats bowl? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to learn more about products you love!

P.P.S – Stay tuned for more summer events being announced!

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