Why You Should Partake in National Walk Your Dog Month!

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Baby, it’s colddddd outside!

As the holidays have faded, the frigid air unfortunately remains and even intensifies through January and beyond. However – January is National Walk your Dog month!

Although some pups are built for the cold (looking at you, huskies), most dogs should bundle up just like us. Pups who are smaller, thin-coated, or older may need to enjoy shorter walks even with a coat- but that shouldn’t stop you! As in any extreme weather, short and frequent walks can be key. Be sure to stay aware of your pup’s comfort level and tolerance in the cold- if they seem to shiver, come by Barkfield to ask about our collection of winter coats and booties.

In this frigid weather, we are all much less likely to get out and move, which in turn lowers the activity level of our energetic four-legged friends. So, it’s time to bundle up because we have a challenge for you & your pets this month!

We will be walking our dogs for 15 minutes every day this month, rain or shine, and we invite you to join us!

If you can’t commit to everyday – we get it!- set a goal for yourself and your dog to walk a total of 31 miles in the month of January, or ~1 mile/day. Imagine the health benefits for you, let alone for your furever friends. And they will love spending that time with their favorite person!


Walking is just about the most impactful thing you can do for your health. Walking more this month will:

  • Improve blood flow & circulation
  • Improve cardiovascular health & performance
  • Improve mood & cognitive function
  • & SO much more!

So don’t get scared by a big number or a time minimum, just start with what you can and push yourself to get out there to walk more than you would have otherwise.

Your pups will thank you with a million kisses & more importantly, a healthier lifespan!

Bundle up and let’s get walking!!

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