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Brand Guidelines

Before using our open source logo, we ask that you follow
a few simple guidelines to keep it looking its best.

Primary Logo

Bf Logo 01.svg
Bf Logo 07.svg

Secondary Logos

Bf Logo 02.svg
Bf Logo 08.svg

Horizontal Logos

Bf Logo 03.svg
Bf Logo 09.svg

Icon Marks

Bf Logo 04.svg
Bf Logo 10.svg

Bakery Marks

Bf Logo 05.svg
Bf Logo 11.svg

Additional Marks / Icons

Bf Logo 06.svg
Bf Logo 12.svg

Black & White Logos

Single color black and white.

Primary Logo

Bf Logo 13.svg
Bf Logo 19.svg

Secondary Logos

Bf Logo 14.svg
Bf Logo 20.svg

Horizontal Logos

This Barkfield Road logo should be used when when horizontal proportions are needed only. Unless absolutely necessary, use logo from previous page. Use when only a singular color is allowed.

Bf Logo 15.svg
Bf Logo 21.svg

Icon Marks

Barkfield Road initial icon is to be used only in minimal areas. (ie. sizes in which normal logos become illegible).

Bf Logo 16.svg
Bf Logo 22.svg

Bakery Marks

Bf Logo 17.svg
Bf Logo 23.svg

Additional Marks / Icons

Bf Logo 18.svg
Bf Logo 24.svg

Brand Do's & Don'ts

Barkfield Road initial icon is to be used only in minimal areas. ( ie sizes in which normal logos become illegible ). Here are some examples of how to use and not use the Barkfield Road logo. It is important that the appearance of the logo remains consistent. The logo should not be misinterpreted , modified, or added to. No attempt should be made to alter the logo in any way. Its orientation, color, and composition should remain as indicated in the document – there are no exceptions.

Bf Logo 28.svg
Bf Logo 27.svg
Bf Logo 26.svg
Bf Logo 25.svg
Bf Logo 29.svg
Bf Logo 30.svg
Bf Logo 31.svg
Bf Logo 32.svg
Bf Logo 33.svg
Bf Logo 34.svg

Brand Colors

Please use the green and pink version of our logo when possible with the colour values given below. They are our favorites! Our symbol can be used as a thumbnail / favicon only and as a full logo.

Barkfield Green

Barkfield Red

Barkfield Beige

Barkfield Tan


Fonts and Typeface.


BROTHER 1816 Printed - Black


BROTHER 1816 Printed - Black


BROTHER 1816 Printer - Black


BROTHER 1816 Printer - Black

Brother 1816 Printer - Bold
Brother 1816 Printer - Bold


Zilla Slab - Regular

Fonts in Action

Below is an example of how typography should be used to create a proper visual hierarchy in website format. 






Try out this new recipe for your dogs birthday celebration, training graduation, or just an every day snack. Made with only the best ingredients for your very best fried to enjoy.


This is how buttons should look on light and dark backgrounds. 

Alternate Button Style

Use this alternative button style when multiple buttons are present next to each other.  

Brand in Action

Service mockups. 

Bfr Businesscards.jpg
Bfr Dogfood.jpg
Bfr Bag.jpg
Bfr Box.jpg
Bfr Shirts.jpg
Bfr Hats.jpg
Dyno Logo White.svg


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