Your Pet is Already Perfect … Why Not Feed Them Perfect? Special Dog Diets for Every Need!


What makes My Perfect Pet different than other gently cooked recipes?

They offer special dog diets for issues such as IBD, kidney disease, & diabetes.

They bake their meat at a low temperature and then add the fresh veggies

to ensure the highest nutrition quality for your pups!

The recipes are in individually wrapped 8 ounce bars for easy thawing & feeding. These come in bags of 7 and are available in 15 lb bulk boxes!

They are perfect for sensitive pups with limited ingredients.

Of all gently cooked brands, they offer the largest number of protein options, including lamb and salmon!




Topper of the Year!

Due to the small ingredient list, My Perfect Pet makes a PERFECT (I know) topper to add fresh nutrition to your pup’s kibble. Plus, the individual packaging makes sure you won’t let any go to waste, even just using a little as a topper!

Whether you’re targeting a dietary restriction or health issue, or simply want an added boost of fresh food, get started with My Perfect Pet!

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